The Turning Point of South Carolina: Beginnings

In 1995, Fred McCain, who had 26 years of sobriety and was very active in AA and Unity church, moved to Greenville SC after a varied and successful business career. His heart was set to start a mission and give back to the community. Mr. Fred saw the need for addiction recovery housing for those with practically nothing who were wanting a chance to become clean and sober and to be productive in life with gainful employment. And so, The Turning Point of South Carolina was started with one small car, a three bedroom apartment and Mr. Fred’s desire to help others.

With the help of Fred’s son, Dr. Ric McCain, and numerous friends in the AA and church communities, the program stabilized and steadily grew into a 45 bed residential program. Mr. Fred set into the hard work of filling the beds, finding employment for all the residents, and further developing the recovery program. Meanwhile, Dr. Ric took on the tasks of organizing a non-profit Board of Directors and keeping the funding stable.

In 2002, a new facility was acquired that was able to house 150 men, and Turning Point of Greenville was born. Mr. Fred and Dr. Ric’s philosophy was to remove obstacles hindering recovery in addiction treatment, while providing a safe living environment.

The Turning Point of South Carolina: Today

Our philosophy of removing obstacles hasn’t changed. With a remarkably high success rate, The Turning Point has seen over seven thousand people gain a new start in life since 1995. The Turning Point of South Carolina, Inc., maintains several transitional sober living facilities, including the Milestone Houses and Harmony House for women. The Recovery Meeting Center, a longtime dream of Mr. Fred’s, was finished and opened in the spring of 2015.

In Memory of Mr. Fred

Mr. Fred is no longer with us, having passed away on June 8, 2011, but his spirit and legacy will continue through the efforts of the dedicated people staffing and supporting The Turning Point. Although he has moved on to his Higher Power, Mr. Fred’s passion and vision still guide all who seek refuge.