Congratulations Michael and keep up the good work!

This is from one of the good guys. You know… Like the one your sponsor tells you that you should be hanging out with when you’re trying to get sober.

If ya’ll know or see Michael congratulate him on this milestone in his journey. Congratulations Michael and  keep up the good work!

Michael writes:

After years deep into heroin addiction, I was suffering from failed relationships, family issues, a derailed career, depression and the desperation most addicts eventually face. I was in and out of numerous detox centers, rehabs, and treatment facilities before coming to Turning Point about a year ago. I came to Turning Point with little more than the shirt on my back and began working at a plant processing fruits and vegetables.

Next I found a sponsor, someone who had completed the Turning Point program 16 years prior and he was willing to share his experience, strength and hope with me. This sponsor chose to share what had been so freely given to him years ago as he sought his own recovery. He helped me set and accomplish goals for myself. One day at a time, I worked the 12 steps, performed at my job, followed the Turning Point guidelines and focused on my journey to recovery. After 90 days at my initial job, I was able to obtain an even better job at a major manufacturing plant in Greenville and began developing a new career. I was able to stabilize myself financially and even purchase a truck. I have now been clean and sober for 16 months and will soon be hired on as a full time employee at my job.

Currently, I am focused on restoring my credit and fortifying my recovery which will enable me to achieve my next goal of purchasing a home to live in with my family.