Residents’ Stories

At Turning Point, we’re proud of the stories our residents tell.

They reflect our ideals and validate all the hard work that goes into recovery. Grab a tissue, because they will move you.

“I came to Turning Point a beaten and broken man. Right away I met people who knew just what I was going through.

After being welcomed into the Turning Point Community, I was given a bed, food, and a job assignment. But out of all that was given to me, the most important thing was the opportunity to reclaim my life. The structure that is put in place there was exactly what was missing in my daily affairs.

Most people expect success to come to them without putting in the necessary work or commitment that it requires. When I walked in the door, I committed myself to the program totally because I no longer wished to live that way with my addiction. I made my meetings, took a lot of suggestions, and found some spirituality.

I worked hard at staying clean just as I did at using. Being at Turning Point provided me with time to put my life in order.

Being there opened door after door for me. I moved from maintenance to weekend manager, and I managed to acquire a degree in Computer Engineering Technology. Today I work as an installation technician all over the country. I can honestly say that my life is great. Were it not for being welcomed into the program offered at Turning Point, I have no doubt that I would be a statistic. Going there saved my life. I will forever be in debt to the staff and all who helped me in my endeavor to get clean and stay clean. Thank you all!”

John Stephens, Jr.

“My name is Robert and I am a resident of Turning Point of SC. At the time I was admitted, I had lost everything. I was using alcohol and crack on a daily basis, and I didn’t know how to stop. I couldn’t stop! I was very desperate when I got here and was willing to do anything to rebuild my life.

As of today I have been clean and sober for 18 months. I have a permanent job now, which I have had for a while. I have both a savings and a checking account; I have been reunited with my family; I have self respect again and enjoy helping others who were like me when I got here. With a grateful heart, I thank God and Turning Point.”

Robert Smith

“My name is Gary J.  and I am a recovering alcoholic and drug addict. In January of 2010, I was accepted as a resident at The Turning Point. I arrived there with all my possessions: a small grocery bag of clothes. I also brought with me despair, desperation and hopelessness. I also had financial and legal obligations that had not been met for several years. My addiction to alcohol and drugs had cost me jobs, homes, vehicles, relationships and my freedom. The Turning Point offered me a solution to the devastation and mayhem my life had become. They told me I had to do three things: I had to work, pay my own way and practice a 12 step recovery program. They also told me this wouldn’t cost me anything up front. In other words, they would take a chance on me. This was a relief because I was completely destitute. During my year and a half as a resident, I have been able to maintain a permanent job, I have met and maintain my financial and legal obligations, I have been able to restore and repair relationships, I have a driver’s license and a vehicle and I have a peace of mind and an unbelievably happy life words can barely describe. The Turning Point was the catalyst for my recovery. The support and suggestions of The Turning Point staff paired with my willingness provided the solution offered to me when I entered their program.

The Turning Point was and is as much of a home to me as the one I grew up in as a child. I’ll return to it often and it will remain in my mind as a wonderful memory and life changing experience.”