Harmony House – Women’s Program

Addiction has a unique effect on women.

There is a widespread lack of support for women struggling with addiction. Because of this, it can be even more difficult for a female to find the support needed for sobriety than a male. The consequence? Female addicts are 25 times more likely to die due to issues related to their addictions than men.

Program Summary

  • A safe housing environment for recovery
  • A phased recovery program; allows increasing personal development as goals are reached
  • Experienced staff on site 24 hrs a day
  • Assistance finding gainful employment
  • Transportation to and from work
  • Vocational rehabilitation assistance
  • Daily transportation to off site 12-step meetings
  • Daily in-house AA and NA meetings
  • Sponsor and sponsee room for privacy
  • Phones in every room at main facilities
  • On-site free laundry facilities
  • Assistance with reporting to local probation and parole agencies
  • Genuine assistance to full recovery
  • See Program Overview

Welcome to Harmony House – Now Open!

Help Make Harmony House a Haven for Women

Now open, the Harmony House is a safe place for women to seek healing from addiction. With 26 beds, fully renovated rooms and living areas, and live-in staff who have experienced recovery, the Harmony House helps meet the high demand for a recovery solution for women in our area.

Give Recovery to Upstate Women

We have reached our financial goal for the Harmony House renovation project, and welcome your continued support for this project.

Recovery Timeline

Probationary Period | 14 days

Evaluation on ability to fit into the program

Phase I | 0 - 90 Days

Get a sponsor, join a home group, attend daily meetings, keep gainful employment and maintain a positive attitude

Phase II | 91 - 180 Days

Complete steps 4 and 5 of AA with a sponsor, attend meetings 6 days a week, do voluntary community service each week, maintain full-time employment

Phase III | Ongoing

The rewards for achieving Phase III include: attending meetings 5 days a week, reduction in program fees, and more liberties

What We Require from Our Residents

  • Remain drug and alcohol free (random testing is performed on site)
  • Honesty, open mindedness, willingness, and a positive attitude
  • A 90-day commitment for the first phase
  • Respect for other residents and staff
  • Daily attendance at AA/NA meetings
  • Attain a sponsor within two weeks and a study habit of the 12 Steps
  • Join a homegroup within 30 days
  • Active participation in work program
  • Maintain personal hygiene and living area
  • Obey all other rules and guidelines

Is Harmony House for Me?

If substance abuse is causing you problems, you cannot stop drinking or using, you are still fighting cravings, or you would like to learn more about us, please contact us to learn more or apply online today.

If you don’t get help with us, please do not stop your search for a solution.